Friday, May 18, 2012

It's like rain. On your wedding day.

After Martin Bashir goes on a half minute tirade spelling out allegation after searing allegation about Mitt Romney's religion while chastising a Republican group for considering an ad pointing Rev. Wright's tirades and Obama's choice of churches  -- Joan Walsh, oblivious to the irony in her response says "Well, this is 'Hate Porn', Martin, it's just 'Hate Porn'".

(yes, I realize there's nothing ironic about rain on your wedding day unless maybe you specifically moved the date to avoid a day when you thought it was going to rain.  It's just a cultural reference.  Yeah and a pretty lame one.  But this is my blog :-) )

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Severian said...

Wait, wait, wait.... you're telling me that liberals are going to unscrupulously attack a candidate's religion in this, the Year of Our Lord 2012 (Revolutionary Year 4), after spending the entirety of 2008 telling us that this very thing was the lowest, dirtiest, furthest-beyond-the-pale type of slander ever conceived by the mind of man?

Color me shocked.

Can leftists at least start offering us some kind of extended warranty plans with their meaningless slogans? Like, for instance, we all know that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" really concludes with "so long as Republicans are in charge; when they're not, Government Knows Best, so shut up, kulak."

I'd personally donate $100 to the DNC if it would force them to explain, live on MSNBC, why that is.

I'd donate another $100 if they'd intersperse videos of Jeremiah Wright screaming "God damn America!" every time some leftwing hack starts making insinuations about how weird and creepy and cultlike Mormonism is.

At that rate, it wouldn't take long before we're talking real money -- the regular readership of this blog could probably pull together several thousand dollars in short order. Wouldn't you love to make that offer, just to see the looks on the smug hack mugs of the poodle media when the new talking points come down from the DNC?