Monday, May 07, 2012

Zombie Disconnect

Can I say it?

I don't get the Zombie thing.  At all.  

And some of my best friends love it.

Call it Zombie Disconnect.


Jeffmon said...

Not sure what you're talking about. But I have seen this.

Severian said...


I think I can explain the zombie thing to you:

Imagine a world where basic services have all fallen apart, the infrastructure has cratered, law is meaningless, and only an intrepid few survive, trying desperately to keep civilization alive when the vast majority of humanity is nothing but shambling, moaning, brain-dead shells.

In other words, Obama's second term.

The whole "zombie apocalypse" scenario is just like that, but with zombies.

tim said...

I’m right freakin’ there with ya’, Philmon. Do. Not. Get. It.

As Severian Said…

My theory is that it’s ALL a front for prepping for people who don’t have the balls to call it what it is and would rather hide behind something cartoonish and silly.

Zombie = Occupiers makes a bunch of sense to me ;) They both want to live of the flesh of healthy, able folks.

Cylarz said...

Me either, Philmon.

Then, I didn't quite grasp the passing fascination with vampires or werewolves, either.

Guess I just don't care about monsters. Most of the popular forms of escapism (this, professional sports, celebrity news) simply bore the socks off of me.

philmon said...

jeffmon ... it's the whole fascination with everything Zombie. Zombie movies, books re-written from a zombie point of view, or books (you know, like Jane Eyre, etc) with the main characters being zombies, or just adding zombies to the plot. Zombie parades where you dress and make up like zombies, redoing works of art as zombies ... zombie Mona Lisa, zombie Gil Elvgren pinups...

As for ammo, ammo's for killing bad guys, and zombies certainly qualify. Zombie-Max brand ammo I'm good with :-)

Severian, that's a great observation. But from my point of view, yes, I worry about the social engineers taking over and people blindly following, but I don't have pictures of Obama and Pelosi and Reid all over, and I don't dress up like Che or Karl Marx or want to see pieces of art redone in any of these people's images, nor see movies where they take over (unless, of course, the forces of good kick their asses in the end) -- in which case, I'd be dressing up as one of the good guys if I dressed up at all.

I don't have any urge to fill my mind with ugly, rotten, images of death dwellers. I prefer to dwell on life while I'm here.

Let the dead be fascinated with beign dead.

That's just me. Your mileage may vary. But I can see I do have people in my camp.

Severian said...


I have to admit, I was just being snarky -- I'll take any chance I can get to compare Obama voters to zombies, automatons, paramecia, etc.

[Although the analogy does fall apart a bit now that I think about it -- zombie-ism is transmitted by physical trauma, but people choose to be Obama voters; they're morally culpable as well as brain-dead]

But anwywho, for the record, my theory on the popularity of zombies is that it's a puerile, narcissistic revenge fantasy -- just by virtue of surviving, you're automatically extremely special (the narcissism part), and you get to go nuts on pretty much anyone who wronged you in life with no consequences, because hey, you're not killing actual people, just zombies.

Which is disturbing, because I'm one of those people who likes traditional, Romero-style zombie stories in small doses.... (though I have no use for "Jane Austen + Zombies, etc.)