Friday, October 22, 2004

Cheap Shots

George Bush decided not to get a flu shot this year as an example to Americans who can probably do without.

Edwards responded by saying Bush's decision to forgo a shot is no answer.

"I love this ... that's a great solution for the country," Edwards said. "This president couldn't even deal with the flu shot crisis."

Mmm-hmmm.... And Kerry/Edwards solution would have been something like this, I suppose....

We have a plan for the flu-shot crisis. We're going to make sure that every American who needs one, the sick, the young, and seniors, get the flu shots they need and deserve.

Which, like all of their other "plans", is not a plan, it's a goal. A goal is not a plan. Bush, of course, has that same goal, but the government agencies in charge of making the plan have already made it and are executing it.

Cheney, who is over 65 and has a history of heart problems, would easily fit the definition of someone who should get one. And he did.

And to that the Kerry/Edwards campaign responds:
"Once again, the Bush administration proves that it is the 'do as we say, not as we do' White House," the campaign said in a statement issued in Pittsburgh where Kerry was campaigning."The very week that (health) secretary (Tommy) Thompson is telling Americans to keep calm, Dick Cheney, John Snow and Bill Frist are getting flu shots."

Well, I'm keeping calm. I guess according to the Kerry/Edwards I should be panicing. I, for one, plan not to get a shot. Maybe late November I might do the mist if it's still available -- there's only about a million doses of that, but people are more reluctant to take it because you could get a little mini-flu for a few days. I'll probably just skip it altogether and try keep my hands clean.

As to John Snow and Bill Frist, I don't know what their health situations or their ages, and it's not for me to pass judgement. It is still the perrogative of every American to make his or her own choice about whether or not to seek a shot.

Our leader, the guy I'm voting for, chose not to get one as an EXAMPLE -- as a good leader should do. He didn't make an ultimatum or law (and he couldn't - he's not Congress, and that's the way it should be) -- but he set the example. It's up to us to follow it or not.

To put things in a little perspective Center for Disease Control director Julie Gerberding points out
"Just a few years ago, we went through the whole flu season with the same number of doses that we're dealing with this year."

I'm not saying there isn't a problem, but it sure has been magnified this political season.

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