Monday, October 11, 2004

I Have a Plan

I flipped on the Fox News Channel tonight and it was Hannity and Colmes. I had to turn it off. The guests weren't answering each others talking points, or the questions -- just a lot of sloganizing from both sides. The shrillness turned me off.

But not before Hannity ran a brilliant collage of about 50 or so different clips of Kerry saying "I have a plan" -- the funniest thing I've seen since the Daily show ran clips from Bush's farewell speech to Texas when he left for the Whitehouse, where he said "Texas" ... um... several times.

On the other hand, I think Bush is proud to be called a Texan and he's proud of Texas. So frankly, it worked for me.

But I've heard very little about Kerry's plan, only that he has one, and I've heard that he has one over and over and over. Or one for everything. His plan for ending war is peace. His plan for regaining our popularity in the world is to have a big meeting and find out what we have to do to get in the club. His plan for health care is to spend a lot of money from the Infinite Money Chest of the Rich and Priviledged so everyone is covered. His plan for unemployment is to get jobs for everybody. See how this goes?

Go to and download the "Plans" -- lots of quotes, not a lot of substance -- or what one might call a "plan".

I have a great solution to end world hunger. We'll make sure everyone gets enough to eat!

Ran across a good article (Oct 10) on voting and who should, shouldn't, and why: Conservative Crust the Oct 10 Article "Thoughts on Voting ".

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