Monday, October 18, 2004

Scary Kerry

Kerry's tactics have turned further to scare tactics, as he is now trying to scare senior citizens into thinking that Bush will gut their social security program with his plan to save benefits for subsequent generations (like, say MINE). He's also trying to scare the young into thinking that Bush will re-enstate the draft if re-elected, touting both as possible "January Surprise"'s.

The first move would be no surprise, first of all, as Bush has already come out in favor of taking the difficult but responsible move to wean social security away from a gigantic pyramid scheme (aren't those illegal for everyone else?) that's about to collapse under it's own weight. The plan is to do it in a way that protects people who are retired or are about to retire. Nonetheless, the intent is to frighten seniors into voting for Kerry in large numbers.

Kerry, on the other hand, plans to leave the pyramid scheme alone (at least until he's elected by the in part people who are for that) and then he can change his mind later when the political winds dictate it. Remember, this campaign is far from the first one to expose Kerry for the weathervane that he is.

The draft issue is a complete fabrication. The Republicans recently brought the Democrat-sponsored bill up again in order to kill it and end all speculation on whether or not it would happen. Even the bill's sponsor voted against it. It's dead. Bush said No, Congress said No, Kerry's hoping to use this Halloween season to keep it's ghost alive.

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