Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Joe Horn Revisited

I just listened to the whole 911 tape.

Now is he a hero? In my book, kinda, yeah. Here's a guy looking after his neighbor when two guys who have no respect for their fellow man, much less the law -- boldly decided they could break in to someone's house in broad daylight and felt that they could get away with it.

Joe had every right to go outside onto his lawn, despite being advised not to by the 911 officer. He had every right to take his shotgun with him in case he was threatened. He had every right to try to make a citizen's arrest if he so chose.

If the men, in fact, rushed him, especially on his own property, he had every right to use deadly force if he thought his life or limb was in danger.

We weren't there. The audio tape and the body on his lawn supports his version of the event, and two people who needed to be removed from society were removed.

Was he smart to do it? Considering the danger to himself (both physical and legal), no. Was he brave to do it? How many of you would do it, honestly? Did he break any laws?

There is no evidence to prove that he did, and the available evidence suggests otherwise. That's why he wasn't indicted.

Does that make him a hero? He did something he didn't have to do to try to stop a criminal injustice -- something which put him in potential danger. That's what makes Joe a hero.

It turned out that danger was real. But the thugs decided to rush him. They made the decision that force was going to be used.

Joe Horn just had the upper hand this time.

So he's a live hero rather than a dead one.

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