Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A little honesty from the Anti-War left?

Wow. Didn't expect this at all.

Confessions of an Anti-Iraq-War Democrat
- Lenny Davis

You know, from the beginning it seemed to be a religious edict of the Left never to give Bush credit for anything. Where I agree with Obama, I say it. These people, however, have almost never had a kind word to say about the President since the war became imminent. No recognition that the President just may have been enacting a strategy based on a bigger picture than they were willing to admit. If anything good happened, it was an accident that Bush had nothing to do with. There was always a caveat, a "but....", a spin into the worst possible interpretation of facts, heavily salted with conjecture and peppered with seething venom.

Oh, and anyone who disagreed with them obviously loved war and was a bloodthirsty, hegemonious, hate-monger. There was just no other explanation for supporting the decision to go to war.

This -- this gives me hope that deep down underneath some of the rabid Bush Derangement Syndrome, there is actually some doubt -- typically supressed by the "can I get an amen here" anti-war left crowd. Lenny apparently found the kahunas to express them openly, and bluntly.

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