Friday, March 05, 2010


I was talking to a friend about all the ways the Obama Administration hasn't lived up to, and in fact has proven to be quite the opposite of -- many of the things that were promised in the campaign.

Of the "post-partisan" era, I said, speaking for them "Well we would be post-partisan if it weren't for all of those pesky Republicans!"

I saw this in a comment stream somewhere today, speaking of the Health Care push:
"the only bipartisanship in the matter is coming from those opposed."
Which, if you think about it, they have a tendency to get one or two of the opposing party on board things and then call it "bipartisan". So why don't they see the opposition, which includes Republicans AND Democrats -- as "bipartisan"? All of those in favor to this point are Democrats.

Something about having your cake and eating it, too springs to mind.

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