Friday, March 05, 2010

More Insight into Liberal Logic

In response to a Catholic School expelling a student because his "parents" are a lesbian couple, I saw this comment:
So are they going to kick out all the kids who's parents have been divorced, are living in sin, aren't Catholic at all?  Or will they continue to take money from all those folks?
Ah, the old "all or nothing at all" argument.  Popular choice.  But what the school said was "Parents living in open discord with the teachings of the Catholic faith unfortunately choose by their actions to disqualify their children from enrollment."  My bet is that it was the open discord that led to this.  My bet is that the "parents" were making an issue out of their gayness.  
Even if we accept that homosexuality is in fact a sin (I don't) why should the sins of the parents impact a pre-schooler?
Um, well, the Catholic Church does, and it's not an "even if" question with them.  It's well known.  It's not some secret doctrine they suddenly spring on you out of the blue. The question is, then, why does the lesbian couple want to send their child to a Catholic School when everyone knows that the Catholic Church condemns that lifestyle?  Are there no other schools to send him to?  Do they think he will get a better education at the Catholic School?  Why do they think that? Are there any qualities of Catholicism that might contribute to that? And if they don't think that ... do they have an agenda and maybe we haven't heard the whole story here?

Imagine a Vegan school where a set of parents showed up to every PTA meeting with a steaming, dripping turkey leg.

Wrong in so many ways.
Says you.  But it's not up to you to decide what the Catholic Church can consider moral and immoral, is it?  And it is a private school.  So butt the hell out.  Nobody's being deprived of anything here.  And this is where the insight into liberal logic comes in.  Progressives do, in fact, want to enforce their moral code on everybody.  They want to tell us all what is right and what is wrong, which is fine -- but they ultimately want their version enforced by the government, even over the will of the majority.  The much vaunted "separation of church and state" becomes moot if the State becomes the Church (otherwise known as fascism).  They don't see it.  And if any ever do, they will not admit it (or they see the light and become Conservatives.  I know people it's happened to).

I was talking to my friend Whitehawk the other day about the gay marriage issue and where I stand on it.  We were talking about the specter of the government forcing churches to perform these marriage.  I spelled out the first amendment and said "no way" that will ever happen.  But with people like this around, and the indoctrination of our youth in the idea that the Government is the ultimate moral authority, and morality must conform to the lowest common denominator ... I dunno.  The Constitution, after all, is ink on a piece of paper.  It can't defend itself.  It is merely a "remarkable document", according to our President, as if it is some antiquity to be admired for what it was in its time -- but it is ultimately replaceable by whatever he and his Progressive friends see fit.

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