Monday, March 08, 2010

A Democrat's Rude Awakening

Democrat Congressman Eric Massa figures it out. And he is NOT happy.  And he's got nobody to blame but the Democrats who have foisted this political correctness run amok, and the Democrats who have been pushing for bigger and bigger government since the 1930's, and the Democrats who constitute the Chicago machine that now runs the White House.

(note: Clearly, Massa is a progressive.  Or at least he was.  He probably still is.  He will vote against the will of his contituents if he thinks it's best for them.  He is no conservative watch dog.  He is for a single-payer health care system.  Just not this bill.)

Update: It may be questionable how much of this guy's story is the truth.   He was apparently tim's congressman, and tim apparently has no love lost for the guy.  He appears to be kind of a loose cannon -- which doesn't mean he's lying.   But ... check this story out (hat tip to Michelle Malkin)

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tim said...

Couldn’t happened to a better man, he was my congressman. Just hope, though not holding my breath we get someone who is not even worse. Yea, yea I know the tide is turning, blah, blah…this is NY, it’s starting to resemble a banana republic here.