Friday, July 23, 2004

Kenyans and Iraqis and Arab Outlaws (oh my!)

So, the "__________ of Allah" (fill in the blank for this week's group) have kidnapped foriegn truck drivers who work for a Kuwaiti firm.   3 of them are Kenyan.

Kenya is upset because it did not support the war, sent no troops, and condemned the invasion.

But the kidnappers (ok, Godless, murdering thugs) aren't trying to upset or manipulate the Kenyan government.  That's not the point.  They are trying to frighten people who will work for any foriegn company in Iraq to keep those companies from being able to place people there.

And why?  So there'll be more jobs for Iraqis?

Nope.   It is so that Iraq cannot get off the ground rebuilding itself.   There are a few reasons for this.  One is pride.  But it's probably not the most important one here.   Basically, if they can keep Iraq from rebuilding itself, then it knows that America will be blamed for causing all of these problems (you know, they're only killing people because we made them do it... the devil made them do it).  Conversely, it cannot risk having Iraq rebuild itself, because that would mean that America might not be so bad after all.  This is contrary to the dogma of the fundamentalist Islamist movement.  And as with all fundamentalist movements, dogma must never be questioned.  People start leaving the movement and it's bad for recruitment.

And this is why the rebuilding must succeed.  Not only so that Iraqis can have a better life, but so that people will start to abandon the twisted ideology of the fundamentalist Islamist movement.  If it's not America keeping you down, who is it?

This was at the core of the multiple reasons why Bush/Cheney/Bair & Co.'s REAL reasons for going to war -- if you were listening closely, it always was a keystone in a longer-term plan.  A plan that we've only completed steps 1 & 2 in (oust Saddam, establish an interim government).  There's 3 & 4 now.  Elections, then the REAL rebuilding of Iraq.  After that, slowly, the self-empowerment of the Arab world to make their own lives better.

The bottom line is that these terrorists, claiming to be working for the Iraqi people and for Iraq, are actually working to make sure that Iraq does not recover -- because that is, in the end, what furthers recruitment and indoctrination to their cause.


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