Friday, July 16, 2004

Whoopie! ... about Martha

Whoopie.... I'm disappointed in you.  I've always kind of liked you.   But, this is pretty inexcusable.
Holding your own opinions and expressing them?  Not a problem.   Using that kind of foul language in a public forum?  Highly questionable.   Being that vitriol (once again, in a semi-official capacity and in public) to incite hate for a man that (for argument's sake, you can't argue with) around half of the country would re-elect today as President of the United States?  Short sighted.   Juvenille.  Rude.  Offensive to a LOT of people.
If someone (read "a white person") went off on Jesse Jackson like that the rage of the press and the NAACP would be nuclear.  It's just not the way to carry on a debate -- calling your opponent dirty names.  It reveals a lack of willingness to discuss issues.    Real grown up.  You're the ilk I want running the country for sure.  We can just dismiss our opponent's positions on the issues because after all, he's a "c*!nt".
And about that, why is the press being so tight-lipped about what was really said?  You can bet that if (and it would not be) this kind of language were leveled against Kerry at a Republican fund-raiser, the press would have a transcript on the front page.
But... it's all ok, because Dick Cheney has a potty mouth, too, right?   After all, he was caught off camera and off mic in a personal argument with an antagonist telling the antagonist off in less-than-polite language.  There's a HUGE difference between that and going on a vitriolific tirade of defamation into a microphone in  a public forum.  So don't try to draw any moral equivalencies here.  I ain't buyin'.
About Martha.  Love her stuff.  The woman has great taste in decor.  I'll still buy her stuff.  She did something wrong, and she's paying the price.  It doesn't mean the world needs to shun her from now on.  She's paying her debt to society, and that should be the end of it.
And I really couldn't care less about live coverage of the sentencing, and excactly what time it was going to happen, and who she hugged on the way in.  Just let me know what she got.  That's all I want to know.   Actually, it's more than I want to know, because frankly, I don't know the woman and it doesn't affect me and there's a lot more important stuff going on in the world right now that journalists could be reporting on.

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