Thursday, July 15, 2004

Same-Sex Unions

In my experience, there's no denying that there are people who are naturally predisposed to being attracted to the same sex. I can often see it in their physical appearance -- and I'm not just talking about haircuts and jewelry and makeup, or lack thereof. It's quite easy for me to buy the genetic argument.

It's not just genetics, but genetics clearly can affect personality. I've seen it first hand.

We all have masculine and feminine traits. Men tend to have more masculine traits than women do, and women tend to have more feminine traits than men do. Men whose balance is heavily skewed in the masculine direction are the "Manly Men", and women who are heavily skewed to the feminine side are the "Girly Women". And then there are men and women whose trait balance is close to the middle, or even a little to the other side. One of those traits is what we're attracted to.

Now... on to same-sex unions. In a secular state based on liberty, victimless crimes should not be crimes. I don't have a problem with gays.

But regarding "marriage", for as long as anyone can remember, in our language "marriage" meant the union of a man and a woman. Many do not want that definition expanded. I understand that, being a married heterosexual myself. Isn't it funny, though, that the only people that the Left demand we all be sensitive to are non-white, non-Christian, female, or gay? A lot of people are offended about the use of the word "marriage" to describe gay unions, but nobody cares about those people. We can label them "conservatives" and "rednecks", thereby dehumanizing them and marginalizing their feelings. Ooops! Wait... do I detect a hint of hypocrisy?

So here's my thoughts on a solution.

Should daisies be called marigolds? Why don't we just say that everyone is homosexual, or everyone is heterosexual? I'm for same-sex unions. But really, do we have to call it marriage? Why do we call boots boots and shoes shoes? They're both footwear. I'm not Italian, but I'm just as human as an Italian. Why can't I be called an Italian? I think if gays would back off on their demand to call same-sex unions "marriage", a lot of the hetero world would chill out about it a bit more.

Then the laws that protect marriages can be expanded to include these unions, and everybody wins.

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