Thursday, July 22, 2004

We Report, You Decide

Face it, Fox.  "Fair and Balanced" is a bit of an overstatement.

But the only problem I have with Fox is the insistance that they don't have a right-ward spin.  I actually applaud them for having it.  But they should just unapologetically say it and get on with it.

What's great about Fox is that they present facts that others purposely or subconciously leave out.  Sure, they leave out facts, too, and downplay others.   But I don't get my news exclusively from them.  And frankly, I can tell when someone is opining.

But perhaps the whole "fair and balanced" thing is meant as tounge-in-cheek.  After all, we're not even supposed to question whether CNN or the New York Times is fair and balanced.  It is smugly assumed. 

In these outlets, the term "conservative" is often used as a discrediting label -- you know, sort of like "convicted felon".   (see media-research for more info)

What is ironic, and maybe that's the point, is that Fox provides a balance to the other outlets that was missing before.

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