Friday, July 02, 2004

Why I am not a Leftist

Am I a big fan of George W. Bush? Not particulary. He's done some good stuff, he's made some mistakes, and I certainly don't agree with everything he's done. However, when it comes down to him or John Kerry -- George wins with me hands down, as you might suspect from reading my stuff.

What it really boils down to is that the Leftist Agenda is basically Social Engineering and environmental policies that are based largely on junk science.

What do I mean by "Junk Science"? Junk Science comes from studies and reports that masquerade as scientific research, but really aren't. Typically, these "studies" are done with groups with a particular political or economic agenda. The studies are carried out in search of a desired conclusion rather than to test a theory -- which would be true scientific research.

You get what you're looking for in these kinds of studies. You discredit or discard any evidence that does not support the conclusion you're looking for, and you hype up and emphasize (and sometimes manufacture) evidence that does support what you're looking for. This makes Leftism pretty much like a religion. Don't question the dogma. Anything that goes against the dogma must be wrong.

Leftists want to protect me from myself, which goes directly against the concepts of Freedom and Liberty -- which are what made this country great.

I'm all for laws designed to protect me from others -- that is, to punish others that would do me harm. But I don't want laws against smoking (although it's fine with me for property owners to ban smoking in all or part of their property), I don't want laws against drinking, I don't want laws against Big Macs, hot coffee, or even riding my bicycle without a helmet. I don't want the second amendment repealed or reduced to something meaningless by needless gun laws. (I believe Thomas Jefferson was right). I don't want the government telling me how to raise my children, and I certainly don't want the government raising my children through the school system. I don't want them telling me I can't use fireworks because I might get hurt.

These are the kinds of things on the leftist agenda.

I'm all for education so people can make intelligent decisions on the risks of certain activities.

Can you name a few Social Engineering experiments from our recent past? I'll name you a couple from this century:

- Nazi Germany
- Communist Russia (or China, or North Korea....)

Tell people what they think, and if they don't, justify killing them because they are a danger to your peaceful society. Don't think Leftists ever do this? Read your history books.

Liberty and Justice. Don't Tread on Me. Go Away. Exit, stage Left!

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