Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The End Game

Just watched this thing on the National Geographic Channel put together by the BBC called "The End Day", dramatizations of disasters that could presumably end the world.

The most insidious of this, is -- and even I was kind of surprised by this, but I guess I shouldn't be considering the source...

a man made, world-ending disaster created by the evil scientists, driven by, the implication is,



In each of the scenarios, the Governments of the world (especially the US and UK governments) are telling the population that there is nothing to worry about, while the glorious and righteous press faithfully reports to the bitter end.

A volcanic explosion causes a giant tsunami which wipes 2 miles inland on the East Coast, killing millions, but clearly not the end of the world. Mother Nature is too kind, I suppose.

A giant meteor is heading for north Berlin. Mankind tries to break it up with an EvilBush=HitlerHalliburtnonCorporateDrivenGovernmentMilitaryIndustriocomplex nuclear warhead -- but of course there are "fears" that (mankind interfering with Mother Nature, tsk-tsk) might only make it worse. The warhead hits the target and breaks it into the feared "cluster bomb" packet, with at least one huge part of the meteorite intact.

Still, in the aftermath under fair skies, they show craters in the Berlin Metro area (hello? what happened to the gigantic explosion that such an impact would cause, obliterating a large part of Germany and throwing an unimaginable amount of earth into the atmosphere causing "meteor" winter? -- Wait, that's right, that would only happen in a EvilHumanManMade disaster.)

Still, the valiant BBC is on the air and news helecopters fly over the city.

Then it is a virus outbreak spreading through the world rapidly (aided by evil human technology such as airplanes and overpopulation). We're left hanging as to the result of that one but it once again does not look like the end of the world.

No, the world ends up ending because of a particle accellerator experiment done by one (fictional) TBM Corp. Valiant protestors tipped off by environmental groups (who are well known for their deep knowledge of science, of course) are trying to stop the experiment with chants and signs. TBM HalliburtonCorporateAmerica sloughs off the possibility of a "strangelet" being created -- essentially a snowballing black hole, scoffing that the remoteness of the possibility of such an event, which they admit is a possibility but ....

The EviArrogantlCorporateScientists go on arrogantly against the highly knowledgable protestors, and you can guess what happens.

Yup, a strangelet is created and the earth begins to be sucked in to it like a bathtub down its own drain.

The underlying psychology of the program, outside of sensational "what if" journalism is...

  • Mankind is worse than any natural disaster could be

  • Don't trust science/technology

  • The Indusrio-Corporate-Controlled Government is lying to you

In short, the Environmental Left's mantra. It was a big leftist "see I told you so" fantasy.

I'm sure they had fun making it.

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