Thursday, August 18, 2005

Freedom Ain't Free

No, I'm not talking specifically about ours. I'm talking about freedom in general, and I'm talking about Iraqi freedom today.

After yesterday's triple car bomb attack in Bahgdad, you have an Al Sadr spokesman saying:

"We put responsibility on the occupation forces." Then he went on to say that U.S.-led forces of failed to turn over full intelligence responsibility to Iraqi forces and for allowed detained insurgents to go free.

Wait a minute -- weren't we just being criticized a minute ago for not preparing the Iraqi troops enough and for illegally detaining combatants? Come on, which is it?

Call me crazy, but I put the responsibility on the people who packed the cars with explosives and drove them to the site and detonated them. But maybe that's just me.

Comments from Iraqi citizens:

"This is the most cowardly attack anywhere ... Do they call this holy war, killing civilians in a bus terminal? They are simply criminals."

"When will Iraqi blood stop being spilled?"

"These men that kill 100, 50 and 70 men a day -- have they been put to death?" a caller who identified himself as Abu Abbas asked. "How many have been put to death? How many? The National Assembly is supposed to represent the Iraqi people. All I hear is we will do this and we will do that."

"But how can we stop these attacks? ... We have a saying in Arabic: 'It's hard to catch the thief if he is a member of the family.' That's our predicament."

And there you have your answer. Iraqi blood will stop being spilled when everyday Iraqis get pissed off enough at the people doing it to take matters in to their own hands and out them, give them no sanctuary -- even kill them.

They should be joining the army & police force in droves. Stop blaming America and calling her an occupier -- take matters into your own hands, and the problem will be solved.

Oh, and the "occupiers" will leave, too.

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