Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Namecalling and sloganeering

Namecalling and sloganeering are evidence of a bankrupt philosophy.

Not that slogans are bad, or namecalling is never called for -- but... oddly, the shrillness and sheer preponderence of the namecalling and sloganeering from the Left makes one kind of wonder....

Saw a bumpersticker on the way home.

"I'm tired of this BUSHIT"

It occurs to me that the worst anti-Kerry bumpersticker I ever saw during the campaign was "Kerry/Fonda 2004". Which really isn't namecalling or sloganeering. And I'm not sure Kerry, now that he's not running anymore, would object to it.

Just look at the bile coming through Cindy Sheenhan's mouth (brought to you by et. al)

Rude, shrill brattiness.

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