Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hug This!

Remembering that I love trees and am for as clean and non-polluted environment as is reasonable -- as are most people on the planet .... (as the Washington Times reprints from the London Daily Telegraph:

LONDON -- Millions of dollars in overseas aid are wasted every year planting trees in dry countries in the hope that they will attract rainfall and act as storage for water, a British government-funded study has found.
In fact, forests usually increase evaporation and reduce the amount of water available for human consumption or growing crops, said the four-year study. Research on water catchments on three continents found it is "a myth" that trees always increase the availability of water.

But -- that's anti-environment! It must be wrong!!!! But, Trees! But, Green! But, Mother Gaia!

Facists. Corporate. Halliburton. And stuff.

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