Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What are you flapping your gums about again?

Democrats are whipped up about Bush appointing Bolton as our representative to the United Nations.

Some Democrats in the senate have been using their favorite tactic of late -- not allowing a vote on a particular candidate -- to keep the Executive Branch of the government from getting anything done.

Basically, it goes like this. If the senate votes on him, he will be approved. Therefore, we can't let the senate DO IT'S JOB and vote.

Now there are whinings from Democrats such as Ted Kennedy (how does this guy keep getting elected?) about the "abuse of power" from the White House.

Ok, if you're so worried about this alleged abuse of power by the President, why don't you take it to the Supreme Court, whose job it is to look at the law and the constitution and see if anything wrong has been done?

Because you know you'd lose, just as you would have lost if you would have let the senate take a vote on this "seriously flawed candidate" -- There aren't enough senators who think he's "seriously flawed" to win a vote.

No, you'll just keep up your Bush=Hitler, Bush is a dictator, Bush thinks he's God, Illegal & Imoral, abuse, abuse, abuse mantra because it plays well with your base.

Well guess who it doesn't play well with?

That's right, the people who voted against Kerry. Keep it up and they'll vote against your next guy, too.

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