Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Power of Pride

This bumper sticker came out not too long after 9/11... I think Lowe's was handing them out. I snippet of American flag and the words "The Power of Pride" on it. I see it everywhere. I even got one with a purchase once, but after I looked at it, I thought "I can't put this on my car."

Now y'all know me. I'm a patriotic guy. I make no secret about the fact that I voted for Bush (more AGAINST Kerry than FOR Bush -- but given the choice between the two it was a no-brainer)... I put the flag out on Flag holidays. I have a "Support Our Troops" magnet-o-ribbon on my car, and a step-son on his way to Iraq. I believe there are merits to this war.

But what the hell does "The Power of Pride" mean? I mean, Hitler was proud, too. It's a morally meaningless statement. What about the Power of Pride? Is the Power of Pride a good thing? Just excactly what IS the Power of Pride?

Now I shop at Lowe's all the time. I like Lowe's just fine. But this is, I'm afraid, just a sadly misguided marketing ploy. I can see the big meeting where they came up with this....

"Folks, we need to have something to hand out to people after 9/11 to make them feel good about shopping at Lowe's... something that looks and sounds patriotic, but something that doesn't actually say anything so we don't offend any section of the political spectrum... now put on your thinking caps!"

The Power of Pride!


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