Tuesday, December 13, 2005

BBC Headline: CIA abduction claims 'credible'

Don't you love these things?

This guy named "Dick Marty", presumably some sort of expert privy to the kind of information it would take to verify something like this, came up with a report in which he says that claims of US/CIA torture are "credible".

The story doesn't question anything he has to say, really, only that he said them and the implication is that he's ... ahem ... credible.

Well, who is this Dick Marty? ah, apparently here's his web page: Dick Marty

Mmm-hmmm... a Swiss senator. What's that party name again? Radical-libéral , you say?

Hey, at least they don't try to hide behind some euphemistic term like "progressive".

A European Radical libéral. Make mine a triple, please.

Is he wrong? I don't know. Is he right? The press doesn't know. But they hope he is. Absent that, they can just spatter his allegations all over the place and weave them in to the BushitlerliedBlooldforOilHaliburton theory.

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