Friday, December 02, 2005

Iraqi Campaigns

This from "Iraq the Model"

Aside from what parties put on their posters or say in the speeches they make, the people themselves are also using a portion of the walls to write whatever they like with or against this or that list; one funny line I saw yesterday said something that translates like this:

Vote for Allawi and your wife will buy malawi (heavy bracelets of gold) and vote for the I’tilaf (the united alliance) and you’ll go back to the tlath-talaf (3,000 in reference to the old poor salaries that Saddam paid us).

Nope, no progress in Iraq there. Before, Iraq was a united country. Everybody voted for Saddam Hussein. And I mean everybody. Now look at the mess they're in. They've got competing political parties, campaigns -- I mean ... man. And optimism about economic opportunity? What's that all about?

Oh, that's right. The goal was Communism. My bad.

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