Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Murtha: Our Troops have now become the primary targets of the insurgents

Gomer Pyle: "Well sur-prise, sur-PRISE, sur-prise!"

Imagine this in WWII:

"Our troops have become the primary targets of the Germans, so we should pull out now."

If we're the ones kicking their a**es, one would expect us to become their primary targets. As if this is some new development. At what point in this war were we not their primary targets, Mr. Murtha? But I can't even buy the bit of "duh" Murtha is spewing in the face of all of the civilian deaths the "insurgents" have inflicted and continue to inflict.

Oh, sure, they'll take the odd easy pot shot at our troops. But it's much easier to take out people waiting in line to become policemen and other security forces. They're not interested in military victory.

They're interested in useful idiots like Murtha acting as their mouthpieces.

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