Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Death Peanalty

Every time the death peanalty is invoked, the press parades out the usual stream of the outraged.

The common theme seems to be that the murderer (because that's the only offense we dole it out for anymore) is still a human being and the death peanalty is an affront to their human dignity.

Another one comes from people who are "opposed to violence in any form."

To those last people I say - "not in my society." Any society opposed to violence in any form is doomed. Period. If I have to explain to you why that is so, no amount of explaining will do it for you.

To the first point, I believe that a human being can do things to give up his/her human dignity. I believe a human being can forfiet that respect. And I believe everyone should be raised to understand just what those things are, and what will definitely happen to them should they do any of them. Fuzzy rules encourage rule-breakers.

Mind you, I am for keeping the standard of proof high, and the bar for such a crime pretty high as well.

And definitely, anybody guilty of a pattern of such behavior would far surpass that bar. And anyone who "had converted" should walk into the gas chamber voluntarily just to show the world how seriously it should take these things.

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