Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ain't No Demon, Either

"The West ain't no angel, but the West ain't no demon."

-- Ahmed Abaddi, Morocco's director of Islamic affairs
In a conversation earlier this week, a co-worker stated, "well, we aren't the nicest country in the world."

And that little voice in my head that's been wanting to speak up for so long said, "Oh, but I think we are the nicest country in the world."

Will someone show me this virtuous country that sets the standard to which all countries should live up to?


Oh, and make sure it's a not a country that can rely on the United States to come to its defense if attacked -- allowing it the luxury of either not having a usable military power or the will to use it themselves.

Better to let the U.S. spend its blood and sweat so it can be demonized by all who smugly proclaim their pacifism under its umbrella.

What country is more generous (and don't just look at government, look at American Private Charity -- religious and non)? What country does more to advance the causes of human rights, (for all the complaints of American violations against them)?

We do make mistakes. And there are Americans who are evil. No, we're not perfect.

But we ain't no demon, either.

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