Thursday, May 11, 2006


I'm not sure what it is we should do about Iran, but I'll guarantee you it ain't nothin'.

It's something.

We've got guys in Washington and all over the world who we pay to figure that out. Here's what I do know, though.

I'm watching the Today Show this morning... which is odd because I never do, I just happened to flip it on to make sure cable was set up for my mother-in-law, and they run this story about Iran and the current state of affairs -- and right in the middle of it I see footage that I found out later was from a parade in Tehran a year or two ago -- kind of like a May Day parade in the old USSR -- parading missiles and stuff, which is fine.

But on the side of the missile-bearing truck was a banner which said in plain English (and I presume in Farsi as well) "We will crush America under our feet."

So, the President of Iran, who is apparently a Mahdi adherent -- spends lots of time talking about a world without America, a world without Israel, and (have you read the article yet?) believes that chaos will bring the return of the Twelfth imam and the beginning of a new world Caliphate. And he's developing nuclear technology. For energy purposes, of course -- yes, one of the richest nations in oil needs nuclear energy.

Let's see, stated desire to crush the United States and Israel. Wants to create chaos. Brags about the ability to build a bomb (even though he isn't doing it, see), and sends a letter to President Bush inviting him (and us) to convert to Islam (update: I no longer think this argument pertains in the case of this letter -- still, I believe the basic argument my own post is making in general) ... something that is required in the Q'uran before attacking your enemies...

But diplomacy will turn him around. Just talk. Like we did with the Viet Cong.

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