Thursday, May 18, 2006

Murtha's Mouth

Our favorite traitor .... ok, one of our favorite traitors (there seem to be so many of them these days) is mouthing off about an ongoing investigation that'll be splattered all over the headlines, no doubt.

The incident he's referring to happened last November and has been under investigation inside the Navy for a while now.

Murtha may very well be correct, I must point out. It may have gone down the way he says it did. If so, it was probably wrong -- though we should let the Navy figure that one out, not Murtha or the New York Times.

My question to Murtha is... what point are you trying to make? War BAD!!!??? Everybody knows war is hell. Some more than others. Is he indicting the Marine Corps or the Navy Department? Is he questioning the general moral character of people in the entire U.S. Military? Is he trying to score political points against Bush? (ding! ding! ding! We have a winner!)

Does he want the US to pull out because a small group of Marines did something they probably shouldn't have one day in November? Does he think that any war in history has ever been fought without some of the good guys behaving badly? Does America truly think that? Does he think such an incident means they're all washed up in a "culture of corruption"?

Does he just like cameras?

Come on out, John, and say what you really mean.

I agree with what a lot of my fellow conservative bloggers are saying -- that this is at best an enormously irresponsible statement ("I'll tell you excactly what happened") by one of our public "leaders" that, once again at best -- predicts the verdict of an investigation that isn't complete yet. But what bearing should an incident like this have on the big picture?


The tireless Michelle Malkin has a good roundup.

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