Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Let Me Get This Straight

Hamas, who has us as a close #2 on their list of sworn enemies, blames us -- accuses us -- of starving the Palestinian people because -- get this ...

won't give them (Hamas) any money.

Hamas, actively working with groups, if not working themselves, to bring down our country along with the rest of the Western World .... is pissed off at us for not funding them.

To Hamas and the Palestinians:

Elections have consequences. Your continued support for global Jihad, your continued call for the destruction of Israel, your continued call for and contributions to the deaths of Israeli citizens ... have consequences. We used to have some sympathy for you. 9/11 changed all that. It's time for you to help yourselves, because we're sure not gonna help you in your attempts to destroy your neighbors, and more importantly, we're certainly not going to help you and your "internally struggling" buddies in their attempts to destroy us.

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