Monday, May 01, 2006

A Nuclear Middle East

Very interesting article in the Washington Post about a New Strategy on Iran

With the Russians and Chinese seemingly determined to block sanctions, our efforts at the United Nations promise to evolve slowly while Iran presses ahead with its plans. If we stay on the same path, we will be left with two choices: accept the reality of Iran's nuclear weapons capability or take military action to set back its ambitions.

Either outcome could prove disastrous. If Iran succeeds, in all likelihood we will face a nuclear Middle East. The Saudis -- fearing an emboldened Iran determined to coerce others and to promote Shiite subversion in the Arabian Peninsula -- will seek their own nuclear capability, and probably already have a deal with Pakistan to provide it should Iran pose this kind of threat. And don't expect Egypt to be content with Saudi Arabia's being the only Arab country with a nuclear "deterrent."

Hmmm. A nuclear Middle East. Does detante work in Arab culture?

That somehow conjures images of missles flying hither and thither from one capital to another in a quest to dominate the region. Could be bad for the world in the short term. On the other hand, and this is purely for conjecture ...
  • barren, oil-laden sand self-purged of its population
  • The sane world's oil companies.
  • Hazmat radiation suits.
Some assembly required.

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