Friday, June 02, 2006

133,000 US Troops in Iraq

And what, 100? 50? 30? bad apples have been fingered? 500? (for those of you who will say there have been others that haven't been caught?)

And people out there want to use that endict the entire country's military -- even the entire country as genocidal, cocky, rampaging, imperialistic, anti-muslim cowboys?

Let's say there have been, including troops that have been rotated out, 150,000 US troops in Iraq over the last 3 years, and let's use that 500 number just for grins.

That would mean one third of one percent of our troops are bad apples. Let me repeat that. One THIRD of ONE PERCENT. 99.67% of them are good guys. Yet people scoff "it's about time they got some ethical training, maybe the President needs some, too!"

I know, that nasty math. Facts! Who needs 'em?

Maybe members of the press should be required to take Scientific Method 101 and some math classes before they pick up a pen. Most of the journalism students I knew in college -- and I knew many -- extolled the fact that the degree requires the least math -- indeed, many of them said that's why they chose it.

If BBC, CNN, Reuters, AP, hell, even Fox spent half of the energy they do on these scandalous stories on just say on one story a week on something our troops have done, gone out of their way -- to extend some kindness, to protect, and sometimes directly save the lives of Iraqi citizens, people on this planet might have an inkling of an idea of who Americans are and what this is really all about.

But that would be "cheerleading". And it wouldn't sell ads.

I've got news for them, they are cheerleading, but for the other side. That's doing nobody any good but the Islamists. And if you think that one third of one percent of our guys are evil, read up on sharia, dihimmitude, and watch a few beheading videos. That's who they're helping.

What, wanna go for 1,000? Ok, TWO thirds of ONE PERCENT! Ooooooh!

This stuff makes me mad enough to spit.

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