Friday, June 09, 2006

So how many languages do we need to learn to speak?

Via Michelle Malkin --

So Joseph Vento, a third generation Italian who runs a Phili steakhouse posted a sign in his restaurant that says:


Note that it does not say "SPEAK ENGLISH ONLY IN THIS RESTAURANT". He's just demanding that you order in English.

Many think it's cool to go to a restaurant where you have to order in French, so they can show off their French to those at the table who don't speak it. And that's what most leftist activism is really about. A narcissistic urge to be seen morally preening in public to boost the ego.

This country was founded on the idea of Liberty -- which means, in part, that if I don't want to learn Swahili, I don't have to. And it means if I want to open a restaurant, I can. It also means that I still don't have to learn Swahili even if I do open a restaurant. Or, I could open a Swahili restaurant and insist that everyone order in Swahili. I may not stay in business very long, but that's because others have the liberty of going to whatever restaurant they choose. And most people, I'll bet, are going to avoid that one.

But the usual suspects want to force this man to take the sign down because it's xenophobic and racist (never mind that language != race).

Never mind that the Blessed First Amendment (which for some reason doesn't apply when anyone wants to say something that Leftists disagree with) says he can say whatever he wants. It's his property, his business, and he's welcomed to post whatever he likes inside and demand that customers follow his rules.

I have a question for the activists. How many languages are we to learn if we want to open a restaurant? After all, if we demand that people be allowed to order in Spanish as well as in English, then aren't we being just as "racist" by not insisting that people can expect to order in German, French, Arabic, Ukrainian, Slavic, Chinese, or the ever-popular Swahili?

If everyone who comes here learns 1 (one) language in addition to the one they already know, then we can all communicate effectively. That's a whole lot easier than everybody having to learn the list of politically correct languages du jour so that everyone can communicate. The language this nation has always conducted business in is English. The vast majority of us speak it fluently. This is not racism. It's practicality.

I'd like to bring up one last point. I note that organizations who are against liberty and democracy (ACLU, ANSWER, and other Communist fronts -- as well as Islamists) have a vested interest in pushing multiculturalism here in the United States. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for a multi-textured culture. But we need a few things to hold us together as a cohesive culture. United We Stand, Divided We Fall, remember that? The logical end to the kind of pure multiculturalism being demanded here is divisiveness. The only way to beat America is to divide us, and our enemies are getting better and better at it. Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

'Bout time! I agree! When my family immigrated from Sweden, they all learned English, even the little old ladies. It was a disgrace NOT to speak English.
If you're going to join the melting pot, you'd better melt, by yumpin' yimminy!