Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More from David Warren

You really gotta read this guy. (from "The Great Divide")

Indeed, the most obvious contemporary way to distinguish between a “liberal” and a “conservative” is in their views on any passing spectacle of crime and punishment. The “liberal” instinctively identifies with the criminal, the “conservative” instinctively identifies with the victim. The liberal instinctively accuses the conservative of lacking compassion, or of wanting vengeance against the criminal, with whom the liberal has identified. The conservative instinctively remembers that the criminal showed no compassion to the victim with whom he identified.

The essay goes way deeper than that.


Frank said...

Holy crap. How many more people are going to cite "David Warren" without checking the facts?? "David Warren" is a leftist parody of right-wing columnists. About two months ago the real authors of his columns were revealed to be a feminista activist and a gay professor. They have been pulling off this stunt for years. The real David Warren died of alcohol poisoning about 4 years ago. Sad but true.

Phil said...


That would mean that the authors have first-hand knowledge of their own tendencies. No wonder it hits so close to the target.

Phil said...

All right then. Did some poking around. I think Frank's full of crap anyway.

If it's a parody to make right-wing columnists look bad, it fails miserably.

But the real kicker is that I can find no supporting evidence of said hoax nor the death of said columnist for the Ottowa Citizen. For a dead person, he sure is prolific -- with articles in the Citizen as recent as... well, today.

It would also mean, since the unnamed feminista and gay professor is now apparently easily verifialbe public knowledge according to "Frank", that the Citizen would continue to publish "his" articles without acknowledging that they are parodies written by other people.

If you check the Ottowa Citizen's website biography of him, it appears that David Warren is still very much alive, and still very much himself. And while I know that Wikipedia sometimes has to be taken with a grain of salt, the myriad of Frank's "fact checkers" have apparently not seen fit to go update the article, because it says nothing about the aforementioned hoax or his demise.

If you click on "Frank"'s name above, it would appear that it is Frank who is the fiction here, and not David.

For what it's worth.