Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Marine sings song - CAIR & Media up in arms

There's a video floating around showing a Marine entertaining some troops in Iraq. I imagine it was meant to stay with them and it was a chance for them to vent themselves to help deal with the stress and all to similar situations they are required to deal with every day. I watched/listened on Vent.

I had to lodge this complaint to the BBC after reading their "story" on the "probe" over the song.

Uh, listen to the WHOLE song and the story it tells and please report the entire context. The singer of the song is being manipulated by a pretty Muslim girl, and the killing begins AFTER the people around her pull out their AK-47's and he realizes he's been pulled into a trap.

These guys are under immense stress pressure as has been any soldier in any war. They need time and space to vent. They're not sitting in a coffee house in London discussing the evils of war, they are living it and being asked to make split-second decisions in deciding whether or not they are facing a "civilian" or an enemy pretending to be one. Leave them alone and let them do their jobs.

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