Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Protein Wisdom

I've been looking at the Protein Wisdom blog a bit lately. Never really looked at it much.

Frankly, it was depressing to read some of the lefty folks (trolls?) who try to argue with the guy's normal conservative following readers. I mean -- it seems like half of this country is suffering from a lack of understanding about what liberty is, what freedom is, what fairness is, what is right, what is wrong, and when it is right and when it is wrong.

I could go into a lengthy post about why I think this is, but not now. Suffice it to say, it's a bit un-nerving, though, and doesn't bode well for the continued existence of this Grand Experiment in Liberty we call America -- at least not in any recognizable form.

Anyway, I was reading comments on a post about the torture and death of our two guys over there over the weekend, and the arguments put forth by some lefty ... I don't know if they qualify as trolls or what... but anyway, the argument got back to the tired old "but we torture, too, so we're just as bad". Never mind the intellectual vaccuity it takes to actually believe that argument, and what it says about where such a person really believes.

But encouragingly, one of the readers (Defense Guy) put forward this comment which I found worth noting:

I will not subject those that must do the actual work of winning the war to a set of rules designed to make me feel better about it at greater risk to them.

That's definitely one to keep in the ole tobacco pouch for later pipe-sticking & smoking.

To which Pablo waxed Whittle-esque (an excellent way to wax):

Amen. There are scary bad men out there who are in the process of sorting out parts of this thing that we’ll never know about. Some of them are ours.

The sheepdog who guards the flock can never sink his teeth into the sheep. Only wolves would do that, not honorable dogs. But when the sheepdog is doing the worst part of his job, not watching over the flock but defending it from attacking wolves, he needs to use his teeth. Not for fun, and not because he likes the taste of wolf, but because it’s his job to do it and it needs to be done. It’s only because he’s so much like the wolf that he can even do the job. Every bite is not the same as every other. It is not all the same thing.

And Carin makes this excellent point:
The beauty of the liberal argument in regards to torture, is that unless we are perfect, we are as guilty as the other side. One incident of abuse -blaring headlines on every paper - means [to some people] that we are EXACTLY the same.

Others argue that in war moral high ground goes out the window. I get their point, but I personally wouldn't go that far.

On the other hand, when the enemy shows that their modus operandi is to screw practically all morality out of hand (that is, to actually use civlillians as fodder for the cause -- in other words, terrorism) I'm not so sure throwing normal moral high ground out the window (in the case of dealing with the enemy) is a bad thing because we can't have people like that walking the planet.

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