Friday, June 02, 2006

When guns are outlawed...

What will be next? I read there were ~7,700 handgun deaths in 2003 (as opposed to almost 43,000 automobile deaths).

It got me wondering -- do people actually think that those 7,700 people would be alive today if there were no guns?

People found ways to kill each other before guns. As a matter of fact, the Brits have figured that out and are outlawing knives as well. You're pretty much not allowed there to defend yourself with sticks or chains, either.

For the a rational explanation of why the second amendment is vital to our liberty, I urge you to read this excellent piece by Bill Whittle.

It would be useful to remind people that the primary founding principle of The United States of America was Liberty, not Democracy. Democracy is a tool to be used in reaching a concensus on some of the boundaries of Liberty -- but it was never meant, indeed much care was taken to prevent it from becoming -- a tool for the majority to exert their will on everyone.

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