Monday, March 19, 2007

The big US Attorney 'Scandal'

It looks to me like, after it was pointed out that Clinton fired all 93 US Attorneys at once -- that the big flap boils down to this:

  • Everyone agrees that the administration is free to hire and fire appointees at will
  • Gonzalez said in front of the Senate back in January that he would never fire a US attorney for political reasons (even though everyone agrees it would be the administration's perogative to do just that)
  • 8 US attorneys -- well at least 7 of them (one says his firing was fair) were fired for what it would be fair to call political reasons (it would also be fair to call them performance reasons, depending on the context)
And they want Gonzalez to resign over this.

Actually, they don't really care about Gonzalez. They care about keeping the illusion of a scandalously power-crazy White House driven by Evil Genius™ Rove and his War-Mongering™, Corporate-Corporate-Haliburton™ Facist™ Blood-For-Oil™ Rove-bots, Chimpy McBushHitler™ and that mean old Corporate-Corporate-Haliburton™ Cheney.

Did we mention "facist"? You have to say 'facist' or the Lefty cops'll come get ya.

Whew, ok, I worked it in.

They're salivating over Rove. They're hoping beyond hope that they can ensnare him as they did Libby in some sort of perjury trap. Since everyone agrees that there was no crime comitted, that they just don't like "the way it was handled", that's the only other reason I can think of that the Pitbulls of Peace™ (that'd be the Democrats) can already taste the blood.

This is why Senate Democrats want them to testify under oath. So that they can foster another Create-a-Crime™ to "bring down" another political enemy... this time the one they've been gunning for hard all along.

If I were Rove/Gonzalez/Bush/Cheney, I'd be like -- "yeah? So?" and not even try to spin it.

ps... did I mention Haliburton? 'Cause... you know you gotta mention Haliburton, or the lefty...


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