Monday, March 12, 2007

An Inconvenient Documentary

Tell my why this UK Channel 4-aired documentary will be called "Propaganda" while "An Inconvenient Truth" is called a "Documentary".

And argue why that reasoning is valid.

This is a huge clue bat.

It's also quite interesting that it's on YouTube, but when "An Inconvenient Truth" gets put on YouTube, it gets pulled due to copyright violations.

Once again, we see evidence that money is a driving force behind the AGW believers. If they TRULY believed that this movie needs to be viewed by the widest audience possible to avert Global Warming Catastrophe™, wouldn't Gore and Co. remove any copyright restrictions on it?

Well wouldn't they?

I mean, how much money are we talking about them losing -- or more accurately, failing to ptentially make anyway? A few million? A few tens of millions? What a drop in the bucket this would be to Save the Planet! Didn't Gore and Paramount make this movie because they cared? Because they want to make a difference? Apparently not.

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