Friday, March 02, 2007

On Being Perfect

I've been doing more sending you to other places lately than posting my own ramblings -- but you didn't come here to read what I had to say, specifically anyway, right?

You were looking for something thought-provoking or context-enhancing (I hope).

So many times, someone else has said it better than I could have, or done more research than I have. Or I just have a lot to do.

This all being said, today I am pointing you to Paul Lutus' latest (as far as I can tell) piece --

On Being Perfect
Paul would definitely be on a short list of people I would like to meet if I kept such a list. Also, keep in mind that, as much as this article applies to a lot of people on the Left -- far and otherwise-- it applies to too many on the Right as well. From my seat, it looks like those with this kind of problem more easily drift leftward. My guess/explanation for this would be that bumpersticker politics is easier on the intellectual digestive system.

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