Friday, March 16, 2007

The latest assault on the Bush Administration

Well, we are in the middle of March Madness, and the Democrats continue their full court press against the Bush administration.

They just finished icing the cake on Scooter Libby, the man who is being sent to prison for cooperating with an investigation into who may have committed a non-crime that was alleged against the Bush Administration in an earlier strategic point in the full-court press, for not consistently recalling excactly when he said what to whom over the course of a week or so on a matter, at the time, he didn't consider particularly important. They finished the icing on that cake by saying, yeah, it may not be fair, but it's all BushCheneyRove-iburton's fault, and they should be going to jail. For the non-crime. That ... um ... nobody comitted.

So now we have another "scandal" since that one is out of the headlines. As a matter of fact, this strikes me as very similar to the Al Queda strategy. Stay in the headlines. Wear the enemy down. Put doubt in the minds of their supporters. Kill a few here, kill a few there. Headlines. Drip, drip, drip. Slow bleed. Their unsettling alliance makes even more sense now.

The latest "scandal" is that the Justice department fired 8 U.S. Attorneys... and they talked to Bush, Meiers, and Rove .... ROVE .... mmmmm.... R-o-v-e .... about it before hand.

I don't remember who was doing the NPR interview the other day ... toward the end of the interview with someone involved in the investigation of this horrible scandal, she kept asking so will you be calling ROVE to the stand? Will ROVE have to testify? Are you going to call ROVE? and the guy finally said yeah, if we need to. What is this fixation the left has with Rove? It almost sounded as if she were salivating. (see this Cox & Forkum post)

I'd also heard a day or two earlier somewhere that the Clinton administration fired all 93 U.S. Attorneys once, but I couldn't remember where.

Thanks to Misha, I was pointed to a Wednesday Wall Street Journal article that confirms it covers the double-standard quite well.

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