Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey Al Gore! Did those ever fit together?

Every time the sea surface temperatures on Earth goes up, the number of sunspots goes up. Huh. I suppose humans are causing sunspots, too. We're runing the solar system!!!!

Note that rises and falls in sunspot activity slightly leads Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs).

For those who aren't aware, sunspot activity is proportional to solar output. Higher sea temperatures release more C02 into the atmosphere from the ocean.

Turns out cold water can hold more C02 than warm water.

Also note that, as usual, the critics in the comments do a lot of attacking of who is in the documentary (or rather, who they think who was in the documentary is associated with. Stooges! Stooges!), who aired the documentary, etc rather than what the documentary contains. The only attack on the science is "correlation does not mean causation". Yup. Good first step. Now go watch Bigfoot Al's movie again keeping that in mind.

Incidentally, WAGTV, which produced the documentary, produces documentaries for BBC, Channel4, Channel 5, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Company). They're not some "out there" whack job group.

Ok. I admit I haven't verified that chart yet. Update: I have now. Check the similar chart on this NOAA research page. What I've said here holds, though. And there are myriad papers that support it. I'll hand you one here for now while I go look for others.

Seriously, there's way more to the case against AGW than this. The documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" covers the highlights. Fred Singer & Dennis Avery's new book (Unstoppable global warming every 1500 years) is more in depth.

You lefties out there should at least watch the film and hear the other side of the argument. I watched yours.

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