Monday, March 26, 2007

French Immigrants from Africa

The best description for the young, angry, militant, Muslim population of France in an NPR story this morning was "the French-born children and grandchildren of immigrants from Africa."

It went on to say that "they came from the same suburban areas that erupted in riots a year and a half ago in France."

Just a coincidence, I'm sure. I mean, these put-upon people, having to deal with riots that ... well, just "erupted". The riots were like natural disasters. They just erupted and these poor youths were caught in the middle.

They listen to hip-hop. It's like being in New York.

At least they were talking about some sort of integration with mainstream French culture. Don't know which way that'll go, though.

Traditionally, immigrants assimilate into the culture to which they migrated. I worry that in this case, as the 30% of French youths that are Muslim -- may, over time with their increasing voting power -- insist with their votes that the assimilation go the other way.

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