Monday, November 08, 2010

Blatherer In Chief

I turned on the boob toob this morning.  We flip it on for the weather, then switch over to Fox & Friends.  Because they're fun, and the ratings piss liberals off.  Hey, anything I can do to help.

This morning, I was met with a live broadcast of the Blatherer In Chief, playing teleprompter ping-pong, looking and sounding for all the world like a robot, spewing manufactured platitudes.  It all sounded something like: promoting a just and sustainable global international order, moving forward for legitimate reform, transforming the world through effective leadership and cooperation.  Together, we can lay the cornerstone for peaceful norms, while strengthening the bonds that tie us together in mutual goals.  Progress will not come through the paradigms of ideologies, but through forged pathways of new understandings based on Science and Reason. *

People were nodding off to the mechanical tennis match head-turns of the President. The Indian Prime Minister looked like he had to pee and was wondering when the speech would end.  Seriously, the upward-tilted chin, pointing left, then right, then left again was getting distracting.  Eventually I realized that I had the power to silence the Leader of the Free World in the palm of my hand, and pressed the mute button.   After a time the wife couldn't even stand the Prince of Smugness's image on the screen, and turned the whole thing off.

* Science™ and Reason™ are registered trademarks of Big Brother.

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tim said...

Same here, off she went. Dude is a robot, can't listen to him.

He’s without any passion or emotion (other than when he’s putting down Republicans). Not to get into the whole psycho blather but there’s something wrong with him, seriously.

I don’t think he actually ever wanted to be the president or even a senator, I just don’t think he can do anything else. He’s a drone. The perfect man for the perfect time. Nothing more, nothing less.

The more time he spends in the White House the more I’m convinced he had absolutely very little to just about nothing to do with his presidential campaign. What has the man actually accomplished of substance? Got a degree, OK fine, check. What else, besides elected? So did Carter, ‘nuff said.

Unlike most presidents, he’ll be a relatively young man when he’s out of office (hopefully soon). I’ll go on record now as to say he accomplishes very little when he leaves office. Other than writing yet more autobiographies and making speeches to his fellow liberal wackjobs (about how Bush ruined his presidency). But after a couple years the crowds will thin, the book sales will slow…MSNBC won’t be around for him to appear on…

Maybe Kenya will beckon.