Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh.... My ... God... this is funny

Second City caught up with some folks at the Stewart/Colbert Rally "to Restore Sanity and/or Fear"  (aren't they so clever to come up with that innovative ironic funny ok, really, really stupid name.

Here's how up on things you need to be to get on your morally superior high horse.  [snicker]

Keynsian. Too rich!

Oh.  And sanity.  Yeah.  Lots of sanity there. 

Here's another:

And for those of you outside of CA, Prop 19 is the Legalize Pot proposition.  Which personally, I'd vote for on civil liberties grounds.  So duuuuuhuuuuude and I have at least something in common.  Of course, that guy is a perfect example of why Morgan probably voted against it.


tim said...

Here's another one that great -


philmon said...

That's awesome, tim, and it deserves a post of its own.