Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This is wierd, in a spooky way

Update: Thanks to  a heads up from tim. Looks like US Airways flight 808 to Hawaii.

Nice bit of research on the part of Liem Bahneman at "Time to Think". It's good to have alert people with a propensity toward scientific method out there!

Mysterious Missile Lights Up Sky Over Pacific.

Just off the coast of California, right north of the Catalinas.

I was talking to a friend the other night -- a friend who works in the power industry -- about the possibility of using EMP to take out most or all of our power grid, plus wipe out a lot of our electronics. You know, like the little computer in your car that it can't run without.

He was saying the scenario would be for three missile launches from OFF of each coast and one in the Gulf to go over the midwest.... with detonations at about 100,000 feet -- would be enough.

I have another friend in the power business who doesn't think it would be that devastating.

But ... eerie that after talking about this just last weekend, the next monday a mystery missile gets fired off of one of the coasts?

Test run? Or screw-up by our military?

Either way, consider this.  Remember that the 9/11 terrorists took flying classes -- but didn't seem interested in learning how to land.

N. Korea and Iran have nukes, but the word is their delivery systems suck and they couldn't hit anything with them.

What if they didn't need to actually HIT anything?  Say, sneak a boat to near our coastline, launch a missile and have it detonate at 100,000 feet?  What would be the effect of that?  Is it something we're prepared to deal with?

Update:  There is speculation it could be an airplane contrail. Well, I have an open mind about it, but it certainly would be an atypical one. et's just say I'm skeptical of that explanation but I'm willing to be convinced. It just looks too "plumey" and vertical. Most I've seen tend to be flatter.... this looks more cylindrical. But.... I've seen all kinds of phenomena that aren't what you'd expect. So I'll buy that it COULD be an airplane contrail. Maybe.


Whitehawk said...

I am inquiring with my sources as to their thoughts, but it is a big coincidence that China just claimed all of the South China Sea as its sovereign territory and is protesting our presence in war games near Southeast Asia. HHHMM. We are also shafting them by making their American dollars worth less with QE2. It's just a thought.

Maybe they thought commentary (firing a missle off of our coast) was neccessary.

philmon said...

I would think China would have a lot to lose by attacking us, and by that I mean in a monetary sense. They have a huge investment in us.

On the other hand, it could be that they figure they're not going to get any return on it anyway, and they're pissed.

Still, I am leaning toward N. Korea/Iran and the EMP attack. Or a Phat Fingered launch from our own navy.

Whatever it was, and I'm sure they know by now ... they're either not going to tell us or they're working up the best way to ... "frame" it.

Whitehawk said...

I thought about it being N. Korea but I don't think they could pull it off. Of course maybe that it was them and they were firing the missle at LA and it went out to sea. Yea, now that you mention it it may be them and that's why the government has issued a statement saying our country is under no threat.

Anyway, it is disturbing that our authorities don't know where this rocket came from.

philmon said...

Well, in defense of our government, we may not want whoever it was to know we know who it was just yet.

It's a possibility.

Or it was an amateur rocket and we really don't know who it was.

philmon said...

See update at the end of the post.

tim said...

Couple things as far as the contrail explanation, As I also have “ seen all kinds of phenomena that aren't what you'd expect” -

Contrails don’t start at the ground.

You can see the flames of the (whatever it is).

How many planes leave Cali or even LA every day and only one day, Nov. 8th , 2010 , produced that particular optical illusion?

Not buying it, calling it a plane is really insulting to anyone’s intelligence. So is the explanation that the DOD doesn’t know what it is. So missiles can fly around that close to our coast and we aren’t aware of them? I know or defenses are better than that, that’s not even debatable.

If they don’t want to tell us fine, but stop already with the BS.

philmon said...

Well that's just it with optical illusions. *Does* it start at the ground? It certainly looks like it. I'm just saying I'm willing to accept evidence that it did not, and that it might be a plane.

But I'm highly skeptical myself.

tim said...

OK, contrail it is -


Facts are a bitch.


As a witness to hundreds of missle launches I can assure all that this is definately a missle. I live right across the river from the Kennedy Space Center. What give it away is the bottom of the so called "contrail". You can see how the different winds at different altitudes blows it this way and that IN THE VERTICLE...NOT THE HORZONTAL. I would guess that it was a secret naval test or possible an Air Force test of a missle or vehicle launched from an aircraft mothership. Either way, trust me, this is a missle. I know them when I see them.