Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mike Pence for President?

I'll tell you what.  He gets it.

A president who slights the Constitution is like a rider who hates his horse: he will be thrown, and the nation along with him. The president solemnly swears to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. He does not solemnly swear to ignore, overlook, supplement, or reinterpret it. Other than in a crisis of existence, such as the Civil War, amendment should be the sole means of circumventing the Constitution. For if a president joins the powers of his office to his own willful interpretation, he steps away from a government of laws and toward a government of men.

Seriously.  RTWT.  That's just a little taste of his grasp of what the presidency is supposed to be.  There's a lot more in that article.

I subscribe to the print edition of Hillsdale College's "Imprimis".   But you can read it on the net, too.   Some really good stuff out there.

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SummerRain said...

"...a rider who hates his horse..." I really like that comparison. It's difficult to believe that Americans have elected so many anti-American haters & school administrators who refuse children to put a flag on their bicycle & ride to school, but these are times that try men's souls. Good article.