Monday, November 08, 2010

Speaking of Activism

I read Alinsky's book, "Rules for Radicals".  I read Obama's "Dreams From My Father".  I've read about Community Organizing™ in general.

And now I've read that Cloward and Piven paper Glenn Beck's been talking about for a year or so.

It's called "The Weight of the Poor - A Strategy to End Poverty".   It was in "The Nation" in 1966, when I was only 2 years old.   They had already been hard at work for years Dismantling America (Read the paper.  Also, read Sowell's excellent collection of columns.)

Now I've read a few articles from The Nation over the past few years, and it was clear that it's a very, very liberal (in the progressive sense) rag.   But man.  This is a blatant push for Soviet style Communist "rights".   And it is not a conspiracy.  It, like all the rest of this stuff, is right there out in the open.

And they're gettin' pretty bold these days.
(Frances Piven at the 2010 Brecht Forum  -- an openly Marxist forum held every year)

And here's an MSNBC host ... just not afraid at all to blurt it out and even chastise his liberal guests ...


tim said...

I’m more than a little confused. One sentence he proclaims himself to be a socialist and then he begins another sentence with “My country…” Is he merely stating that he physically lives here or what? I mean, this country is a republic and he, obviously, believes in quite the opposite. “His country” is evidently somewhere else.

Have the guts and leave already.

philmon said...

One of the better observations ever left in my comments pages, tim!

Thanks. I'll file that away for use in future echo-stopping.

tim said...

I'm honored.