Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Sinking Feeling

How long can I continue to convince myself that this isn't coming?

They Keynesians just won't pipe down and as a matter of fact they're just pressing the accelerator .

I don't see too many ... ok, any viable options for me. You can't eat gold, and I can't afford enough of it to make any sized hedge anyway. I can't grow enough food. I can't store enough food. Can I keep my house?  If so, can I heat it?

Democrats can't fix this, and their "fix" is making it worse. Republicans can't fix it either.  I'm more and more convinced the ship has sailed past the point of no return and Niagra Falls is the destination.

The only way out of this is for America to start making stuff that people need. Not want. Need.


tim said...

I hear ya’. While it’s contrary to my conservative outlook of optimism, reality is reality.

My business is and has been struggling and the persistent thoughts of can I keep it going wear me down to the point where I just can’t let myself constantly worry about something that is out of my hands.

Then I think about my house, can I keep it or even should I keep it.? When should I put it up for sale? How much of savings to I use to keep owning it?

I have some food stuffs in my basement and plan on buying some more. But what is enough and again, how much savings do I use for that?

My truck isn’t negotiable, I need that.

But relatively, I’m lucky, other than the house and truck, I’m dept free. I’m practically broke and unsure of what’s ahead while trying to be optimistic AND not be caught off guard about what’s looming - inflation.

I know I’ll make it, not sure what my life will look like in 2/3 years, or more, but screw it. If I’m cleaning toilets for a living, calling a some little apartment my home and eating Spam for dinner, I’ll make the best of it. As long as I’m free, though even that‘s a wonder these days.


philmon said...

Yeah. We're better off than most. It's pretty much the house, debtwise. I should note the cars are both above 100K miles on them.

I just can’t let myself constantly worry about something that is out of my hands.

That is how I have coped with things as well, all of my adult life. As you can see I still go through some down moments -- but I guess the deal is when this hits, it's going to be big, and I've got people I care about to worry about. If it were just me, I literally could go out and live off the land in the wilderness, or die trying. I've got know-how and the will. Well I've got more know-how that most, anyway.

We'll see, I guess, and I need to snap out of this gloom and doom phase. It's really not like me at all.

tim said...

Yea, I know, I hate the doom and gloom but we can’t be naive either.

I hope you, I and Beck are totally wrong on this stuff, but history tells us things we’d rather not believe will happen.

It’s a fine line this days between the “I’m fine, everything is good” attitude and the real possibility of crapola.

Tomorrow…chin up...could be worse, like bullets flying at ya' some far away shithole of a country.