Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Chillllllllllldren ... again

I'm on a mailing list for The Nation Magazine.   So I get all kinds of interesting alerts and pleas from the Left.
How do you *know*,
little girl? 

Today's was particularly gripping.  Or griping.

"Children of Progressive Activists Are Under Attack!!!"

Dear Nation Reader,
It's tough enough to be a parent without having to worry about the impact of your commitment to social justice on your children's future. Even worse, as the letter below explains, many activist parents are seeing their kids suffer, too.
That's right, for no other reason than their parents' political leanings and vocalizations thereof, we have the long arm of the law swooping down upon the children.  I'm sure it happens all the time.

Fatima and Rachel were stunned and confused when the FBI searched their homes, and ransacked and photographed their belongings. Their parents, members of peace and justice groups in the Midwest, are among those who were targeted recently by grand juries investigating anti-war and international solidarity activists for supposedly providing material support for terrorist organizations. These girls, five and six years old, now face possible separation from one or both of their parents.
Well, maybe mommy and daddy should have considered that when they opened themselves via probable cause to a search warrant.

You know, if mommy and/or daddy were trespassing or vandalizing for Social Justice™, or perhaps aiding and abeting organizations bent on the overthrow transformation of the United States and its Constitution and align themselves with terrorists freedom fighters, or burning SUV's for Mother Gaia -- why make the poor kids suffer?  It's not mommy or daddy's fault, it's those bad, bad, "wingers", to the right of Stalin -- who hate puppies and swing kitties by their tails to beat wide-eyed, innocent children.


Severian said...

I will never, ever (never ever never never never ever) understand this leftist compulsion to be seen always and everywhere as victims, and the champions of victims. I swear, I bet I could get The Nation to say nice things about Hitler if I laid it on real thick about how he was a misunderstood artistic soul whose brain got rotted by rampant Weimar capitalism.

In the spirit of your "stop an echo" campaign, Phil, I'd like to suggest that what America really needs is a good old fashioned flagellant movement. That way, the lefties can whine and wail and feel guilty about every goddamn thing under the sun and make a big show of repenting for the sins of all mankind while the rest of us go about our daily lives.

What say you?

jeffmon said...

I say I will never ever ever ever ever write a song about Sibbie.

Whitehawk said...

Hmmm...interesting. Did the article include anything about the children of the CIA operatives who used legal enhanced interrogation techniques (that have certainly protected this nation) who are now under investigation by the Justice Dept. Maybe these families could exchange emails and compare experiences.

I say find another country and ruin it. Leave mine alone.

philmon said...

But all the other countries they like are already ruined. They want to make their very own mudpie here!

(Heh. Strong Bad. Funny.)

philmon said...

Phil, I'd like to suggest that what America really needs is a good old fashioned flagellant movement. That way, the lefties can whine and wail and feel guilty about every goddamn thing under the sun and make a big show of repenting for the sins of all mankind while the rest of us go about our daily lives.

What say you?

Well, it would beat the hell out of the current oral flatulant movement that appears to have taken over in the last few decades. :-) Maybe provide an alternate, less dangerous (than voting) outlet for Pious Western Guilt Complex.

"Pies GoreMarx Domine
Dona eis requiem"

(apologies to Monty Python)

nightfly said...

Homestar Runner and Holy Grail in the same comment thread? Ride on, Nerd Herd!

I do have a serious thought, though... (yeah, sorry to ruin the fun!)

All of this wailing about Teh Childrunz™ being innocent of their parents' crapulence is true - but how is that a free pass for the parents? Isn't that just the psychological equivalent of using your own kids as human shields? Why should I regard this point of view, or those who blithely assert it, with any sort of respect?

(w/v "shalgame" - whereby leftists constantly shift what they propose or believe, the better to dishonestly avoid a refutation of those statements)

philmon said...

Yup, that's pretty much the size of it. Human shields.

Don't look at what we're doing. Look at the innocent pouty face of the kids that might suffer because you held their parents accountable for their actions.

Never mind the fact that -- if you're REALLY holding the parents accountable for their actions, exposing their kids to that threat would be one of those things for which they should be held accountable.

It's quite contemptible.

Severian said...

It's becoming increasingly clear that for lots and lots of "progressives," children are just mobile lifestyle accessories -- little self-propelled Prada bags, trotted out when they're useful for a public display of how kind and caring and wonderful Mommy is, then shoved back into the waiting arms of the illegal-immigrant nanny when Mommy has to go to work down at the nonprofit.

No wonder they're so rabid about abortion -- they don't give a shit about their own actual children, so why should they care about other people's theoretical children? All that really concerns them is Teh Children!!, meaning "political props."

Every day I find myself reaching new heights of disgust at the left. But again, thank God for Ogabe! Take a good look, America--- take a good, long, hard look. This is who they are. This is how they act. And this is what they think of you.

Andy said...

Hey philmon, not for nuthin' but I just ran by my old site and found a comment you had left in March was awaiting moderation. Sorry I never saw it until now, but, uh, I moved.

philmon said...

It happens.

Even here. Anything less than a week I don't moderate, but I think it's after a week then they get stuck in a moderating queue here.

And sometimes I miss them.

nightfly said...

Speaking of which... did I get moderated? I could have sworn I left a comment in here on this topic, but I could have been having a really vivid dream or something.

philmon said...

Nah, you probably remember something on Morgan's blog. I dont' see anything recent from you in the comments or the moderation queue, or in the spam folder.

jeffmon said...

Blogger ate a bunch of comments over the weekend, so I will take this opportunity to repeat:

I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about Sibbie .

philmon said...

Is THAT what happened?!

Ok, yes, I see your original comment is gone.

And I've been singing "Song About Sibbie" by Strong Bad for several days now.

Or rapping.... or whatever ;-)

nightfly said...

That must be it, jeffmon. I know I didn't leave a comment at Morgan's because, for Reasons Man was Not Meant to Know, I cannot log in to comment there. My Wordpress login works everywhere else, but even if I'm already logged in (and posting on my own blog, for example), I can't get onto Morgan's.

Anyway, I said something to the effect of, using a child to gin up false sympathy for the criminal parent is the mental equivalent of hiding behind a human shield to avoid the repurcussions of violence. I mean, decent people shield the kids, not cower behind them, either figuratively or literally.