Thursday, May 05, 2011

Question For Ya

We've been told ad nauseum for 10 years now that most Muslims dispise Al Queda and Osama Bin Laden, who hijacked their peaceful religion and that they're just like the rest of us and want justice to be done.

The Left insisted we release ALL of the Abu Ghraib photos, which would clearly offend Muslim sensibilities -- and that was fine.  Because it would hurt the war effort and most importantly, George W. Bush.

But now we are to believe that releasing a the final mug shot of the guy who hijacked their religion and did not represent them in any way whatsoever ... would offend their sensibilities?


So which is it?

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Severian said...

If they grokked to concepts like logic, internal consistency, and the law of the excluded middle, they wouldn't be leftists.

[Or, more generally, if they grokked to any other concept other than "I am always so, so right and so, so wonderful," they wouldn't be leftists. If there has been a lefty in the past 30 years who has taken a stand that didn't benefit him personally in the one currency they truly care about -- that sweet, sweet public display of self-righteousness -- I have yet to witness it].